Reiki is a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. To explain this definition further, I describe the energy within our chakras and the energy centers within our bodies. Energy should flow freely throughout the body, but sometimes we can hold onto things that serve us no purpose. This energy can later become a blockage within our body. These blockages are not allowing the energy of our life force energy to flow freely. Symptoms can be both physical and energetic. I act as a channel between you and the Universe, loosening and removing panema (negative stuck energy) that creates blockages. Since Reiki is a Universal Energy, it can be performed in person and distantly.

Reiki restores inner balance and relaxes us. When energy can flow freely without blockages, we can experience complete internal control. It brings things to the surface so they can be released. Reiki can help relieve pain and discomfort while helping reduce stress and anxiety, awakening intuition and self-awareness. In addition, it is beneficial in relieving depression, strengthening self-esteem, aiding in relaxation, and can even help improve sleep. Energetically, it can clear blockages and suppressed emotions, and physically it can increase blood flow and circulation, strengthen the immune system, release toxins, and smooths digestion.

Reiki travels through the vibrations of the Universe. Therefore, it is not bound by any form of Religion but operates within the Laws of the Life Force Energy that is present everywhere. Reiki energy is not directed by the person channeling it; the person receiving it is directing the Reiki with their intentions. Because of this, Reiki energy can not cause harm. It has built-in protection against negative energies.Reiki energy can be sent at a distance, anywhere in the world. It can even be sent and programmed to arrive at a time and place in the future.There is a limitless source of Universal Energy, and it does not take away the energy of the person channeling the Reiki.

I rely on intuition and listening to higher sources guiding me to hold space during all healing sessions. Utilizing Reiki and Quantum Energy Healing, Shamanic Life Coaching techniques and tools, Sacred Medicines, and guidance from ancestors and spirit guides connecting to the Divine Source, helping to provide the answers you may be asking. Every session usually differs from the next, and every client differs from the next.

Specialized Single Sessions

Become empowered to be your own healer

Beginner Chakra Balancing

8 Reiki Sessions (in-person or distance)

This program is perfect for beginners or those just starting their healing journey. We will spend a lot of time learning about each chakra and how it works with the body, along with ways to identify if your chakras are out of alignment. Focused on chakra opening and balancing the chakras.

*Distance option space is held through a private Zoom meeting.

Week 1 Root
Week 2 Sacral
Week 3 Solar Plexus
Week 4 Heart
Week 5 Throat
Week 6 Third Eye
Week 7 Crown
Week 8 All the Things

**All appointments must be completed within 10 weeks from the date of purchase, limit one appointment per week.**


$440- 8 session program (all sessions must be scheduled within 10 weeks)

Program includes:

8 one on one 60 min sessions

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work is a way of uncovering your unconscious mind to discover the parts of yourself that you have repressed and hid away from yourself. This can include traumas or parts of our personality that our subconscious (ego mind) considers undesireable.

The shadow is not evil. It is just hidden. So because it is hidden, you can look at it running around without supervision, often causing damage and pain in your life.
The shadow can appear as rage, jealousy, hatred, greed, selfishness, anxiety, and depression, affecting every aspect of your life.
However, when you bring the shadow into the light, you become the supervisor, and it no longer has power over you.
Consider the awareness a spotlight.

Are your ready to take your healing deeper??

Navigate through your shadows, bringing awareness to all parts of yourself, connecting more profoundly, and raising your vibrations.

Shadow Self Shift

8 Reiki Sessions (in-person or distant)

This program is great for those who already have a basic understanding of the main chakra system.

Focused healing on:

•Discovering the difference between the ego mind and the higher self and how each is connected to help us grow and ascend.
•Form a better relationship with your higher self and heal through past traumas with guidance and support.
•Dive deep into the root chakra, discovering triggers and traumas and learning how to shift perspectives when these come to the surface.
•Connect deeper to yourself, benefiting all relationships and interactions in your life.
•Integrate with your shadows.
•Feel whole and integrated as a person.
•Heal generational traumas and past life karmic patterns.
•Reconnect with your inner child while becoming aware of your shadow. 
•Reconnect with your Divine Feminine essence.
•Release fear and judgment while looking deeper inward. 
•Become aware that the shadows are a part of us and show us the spaces within us that need healing and compassion. 
•Learn how to observe yourself without judgment.
•Learn different ways to perceive your experiences.
•Discover how to love yourself unconditionally.
•Chakra balancing
•Energetic Cord Cutting
•Healing family relationships

**All appointments must be completed within 10 weeks of purchase, limit one appointment per week.**


Allow us to begin our journey through the root chakra. We will direct our Reiki focus toward the first chakra of the main chakra system. The space that will be getting the most attention through our program is the space within us where energies from past traumas create the most blockages. This is the beginning step in identifying who you truly are.


We are moving up the chakra system. This week, we will direct our Reiki focus toward the first and second chakras. Helping you become more balanced, centered, and grounded. The sacral chakra is the creative part of you. We will be able to identify traumas and triggers easier, still understanding the root chakra this week.


Solar Plexus
Moving up the chakra system, our Reiki focus we will direct this week toward the first three chakras. The Solar Plexus is what generates your personal power energy. Imagine the light of the sun, and this also glows within us. We attempt to blow the clouds away to allow your light to shine its brightest.


Moving up the chakra system, we will direct our Reiki focus toward the first four chakras this week. The last of the Physical Chakras and the first of the Spiritual Chakras. We will discover how much the root and the heart are connected. You should begin to feel the energy moving through your body more freely this week.


Moving up the chakra system, we will direct our Reiki focus toward the first five chakras of the main chakra system this week. Speaking our truth is very important. Speaking our truth with connection to the heart and coming from compassion is an essential part of our program. The Spiritual Chakras should be opening up more now.


Third Eye
As we move up the chakra system, we will direct our Reiki focus toward the sixth chakra of the main chakra system this week. Although we usually find ourselves revisiting conversations regarding the root chakra this week, the spiritual chakra work we began the past few weeks usually allows us a perception to see additional triggers and traumas.


We have finally reached the top of the chakra system and will direct our Reiki focus this week toward the seventh chakra. We can usually find more balance this week. You may have a sense of overall goodness.


All the things
After completing all the individual chakra focus work, we will direct our focus to the entire body. By this time, all the chakras should be open and balanced, feeling the best you have felt in weeks. In addition, we should have been able to work through your shadows with much more support, guidance, and understanding.


$500 - 8 session program (all sessions must be scheduled within 10 weeks)

Deep Dive Program includes:

  • 8 one on one 60 min sessions
  • 10 recorded Digital Download Yoga Classes which are also available on YouTube with Private access.
  • Over 8 hours of Sacred Music Medicine digital downloads.
  • 10% discount in Sacred Shop
  • 2 60-minute add-on sessions at $40 each (must be scheduled no later than 10 weeks from week 1 session)

$440 - 8 session program (all sessions must be scheduled within 10 weeks)

Dive Program includes:

  • 8 one on one 60 min sessions
  • 10% discount in Sacred Shop
  • 2 60-minute add-on sessions at $40 each (must be scheduled no later than 10 weeks from week 1 session)

Reiki Home/Office Cleansings

Being mindful of the energy in your home is very important. Every time you leave your house and around other people, we can pick up the powers around us. When you come home, you are bringing these energies with you. Protecting your energy is very important, but the energy you spend a lot of time is vital.

Starting at $111 USD

(additional travel rates may apply)

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