Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. To explain this definition further, I describe the energy within our chakras our energy centers within our body. Energy should flow freely throughout the entire body, but sometimes we can hold onto things that serve us no purpose, this can later become a blockage within our body. These blockages are not allowing the energy of our life force energy to flow freely. Symptoms can be both physical and energetic. I act as a carrier between you and the universe, loosening and removing panema (negative stuck energy) that is creating blockages. Since Reiki is a Universal Energy, it can be performed in person and distantly.

Kundalini Reiki is possibly the simplest form of healing and self-development system that exists! By opening and strengthening the body's energy channels, it is possible to channel healing Reiki energy to yourself and others, just by intention. It can open and expand your heart chakra and the chakras located on your hands. This Kundalini Reiki energy frees the channels removing blockages and enabling you to receive more information. This energy is precise and knows what its target is.

Relying on intuition and listening to higher sources guiding me to hold space during all healing sessions. Utilizing Reiki and Quantum Energy Healing, Shamanic Life Coaching techniques and tools, Sacred Medicines, and guidance from ancestors and spirit guides connecting to the Divine Source, helping to provide the answers you may be asking. Every session is usually different from the next, and every client is different from the next.

Specialized Treatments

Single Sessions

Single Session

Single Session 60 mins

DNA Reiki

DNA Reiki affects genetic memory and can be used to heal negative inherited genetics and disease. In addition, this energy can have the ability to strengthen and heal your DNA. Please keep in mind that it takes 21 days for cell renewal, although you can feel some benefits almost immediately after treatment for the complete process.

90 minutes

Cristalline Reiki

Cristalline Reiki treats emotional wounds. It helps break down crystals formed in the body's energy channels, created by the unconscious mind due to trauma. These crystals contain the memories (triggers) of these traumas and create blockages in the energy channels, which can affect your attitude towards others.

90 minutes

Diamond Reiki

Diamond Reiki creates a diamond and places it in the Crown Chakra, inheriting strength and resistance much like a diamond. This energy is positive and pure, offering strength and protection.

90 minutes

Birth Trauma Reiki

Birth Trauma Reiki helps work through traumas related to birth. The awakening of physical life can be traumatic and is remembered by the subconscious. This energy healing offers deeper levels allowing you to release any traumas that may have been picked up through vibrations from the utero state to the birthing process.

90 minutes

Past Life Reiki

Past Life Trauma Reiki is related to karmic relationships from past lives that influence you in your current life. These are past experiences that we have no connection to an actual event. Consider fears you may have that are unexplained.

90 minutes

Location Reiki

Location Reiki is related to karmic relationships with places and not people. There is a reason we are born in a specific area or work in a particular place. Our experiences lead us to this point and hold a karmic relationship. Location Reiki can be beneficial for someone who needs assistance breaking energetic ties to a place that keeps them in a cycle. It creates a space for us to release these energies, like clothes that do not fit anymore.

90 minutes

Share healing space with others through video chat

Group Offerings

Wednesday Evenings 7-8:30pm

Space is held every Wednesday through Zoom from 7-8:30 pm MST (Arizona).

Cozy up in the comfort of your own sacred space and open yourself to healing through distance reiki and intention. Light a candle, sage, or incense and create a weekly ritual to recenter, realign and restart your energy centers. 

Energetic readings will be for the collective and mentioned to all in case we all need to hear what is coming through. This beautiful opportunity will allow you to heal and focus on your body, mind, and soul.

Each session is 90 minutes and includes the opening of group sacred space, personal oracle card, Usui and Kundalini Reiki distance energy healing, chakra focus, quantum energy healing, shamanic life coaching, intuition, and spiritual guidance from higher sources. 

Come together and share healing energy. This space is for people wanting to deepen their healing with intention while stepping into a tight container filled with distance reiki healing. 

Zoom link will be available at checkout by clicking the download button and emailed to the address linked to the order.

Become empowered to be your own healer

Energy Healing Packages

Energy Maintenance

4 - 60 min sessions.

Scheduled every week for 4 weeks or can be spread out every 2 weeks over an 8 week period.

In person and Distance options available.

All appointments must be scheduled and completed no later than 8 weeks from date of purchase, limit 1 appointment per week.

$240 USD

Beginner Chakra Balancing

8 - 60 min sessions.

This program is perfect for beginners on their healing journey. We spend a lot of time learning about each chakra and how it works with the body along with ways to identify if your chakras are out of alignment.

Each session is focusing on a separate chakra with the 8th session focusing on all of the chakras.

One session is scheduled a week over 8 weeks.

In person and Distance options.

All appointments must be completed within 10 weeks from the date of purchase, limit 1 appointment per week.

Week 1 Root

Week 2 Root Sacral

Week 3 Root Sacral Solar Plexus

Week 4 Root Sacral Solar Plexus Heart

Week 5 Root Sacral Solar Plexus Heart Throat

Week 6 Root Sacral Solar Plexus Heart Throat Third Eye

Week 7 Root Sacral Solar Plexus Heart Throat Third Eye Crown

Week 8 All the things.

$480 USD

Advanced Reiki Shamanic Life Coaching

12 - 60 min sessions.

This program is great for those who already have an understanding of the main chakra system.

Focused healing on:

•Chakra balancing
•Identifying triggers
•Healing through past traumas
•Connecting to your inner child
•Energetic Cord Cutting
•Healing family relationships
•Metaphysical ego identification

One session is scheduled every week to two weeks.

In person and Distance options.

All appointments must be completed within 6 months from the date of purchase, limit 1 appointment per week.

$720 USD

Reiki Home/Office Cleansings

Being mindful of the energy in your home is very important. Every time you leave your house and around other people, we can pick up the powers around us. When you come home, you are bringing these energies with you. Protecting your energy is very important, but the energy you spend a lot of time is vital.

Starting at $111 USD

(additional travel rates may apply)

Reiki Offerings

Distance and Seasonal In-Person Offerings during FALL EQUINOX in Lake Havasu City, Arizona