Chakra Awakening Kundalini Yoga

It is perfect for all experience levels. 
While remaining seated, we utilize our breath, mantra chanting, and quick body movements to awaken our kundalini energy. 

Classes are also infused with distance Kundalini and Usui Reiki if you are open to receiving.

The kundalini energy remains sleeping at the base of our spine until it is awoken.

During our practice, we work through each of the 7 chakras (the energy transformers within our bodies). The energy slowly wakes up and moves up your spine. You begin to feel the energy physically moving around your body.

By the end of our practice, you are left feeling lighter and more energetic.

On a spiritual level, this practice can show you spaces within the chakras that could use additional healing, opening, and activating each chakra, preparing you for the day—best practiced in the morning on an empty stomach.

Having a bottle of water nearby is helpful.


Monday-Friday Offerings

6 am | 7:30 am | 9 am

Classes are held through zoom. Purchase classes below and login link will be sent to you to choose which class you would like to join or click here to register

Sunday Offering *FREE ONLINE CLASS*

9 am

This is a free class offering through zoom. Please register here for login information.

Sunday at the Labyrinth in Lake Havasu City

9-10 am

Space held at the 1000 Goddesses Labyrinth in Lake Havasu City.

$11.11 energy exchange

In pErson Yoga at the 1000 Goddesses Labyrinth

Lake Havasu City

Meeting every Sunday from 9-10 am

at 1000 Goddesses Labyrinth in Lake Havasu City near Sara Park across the street from the dog park.

October 2-October 23 and November 13-December 18

$11.11 energy exchange