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Black & Moss Agate Stretch Bracelet

Black & Moss Agate Stretch Bracelet

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Wear this bracelet day and night when trying to heal, open, or activate your heart chakra. Healing crystals have been infused with all the Reiki energy.

Moss Agate Associated with the heart chakra. This stone is great for opening the mind and emotions, creating feelings of expression. It provides a level of security and the desire for new life experiences. It can stimulate knowledge about the natural world helping regrowth. It can bring peace and tranquility connecting with unconditional love and love itself. It can bring a union of mental energy to physical and emotional energy. It can help you connect with thinking and acting.

Black Agate Associated with the root chakra. It offers protection. It can increase courage, strength, and confidence. Provides ultimate protection. It releases stress and increases energy. It is also said to stabilize emotions. It calms stressful households, keeping the peace. It can be worn for courage and success in competitions. It can increase sexual energy and harmonies positive and negative forces. It can ground emotions dissolving envy. It can attract good fortune. Aids in overcoming flaws, fears, and loneliness. It can increase self-confidence providing courage, energy, and strength.

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