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Carnelian, Obsidian and Dragon Blood Stone Mala

Carnelian, Obsidian and Dragon Blood Stone Mala

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Created with Carnelian, Obsidian and Dragon blood stone bead hand-knotted Mala

Reiki infused.

Carnelian Associated with the sacral chakra. It can help promote helpfulness and encourages community spirit. It can help bring you good luck. Great for manifesting your desires. It can even help assist you in finding the right mate. Offers additional courage while releasing stress and trauma. Very great assistant to your creativity.

Obsidian Associated with all the chakras, particularly the Third Eye chakra. It is a stone that can help alleviate pain, reduce tension, and release energy. It is effective to use to treat trauma, shock, and anxiety attacks. It can be used as a mirror to enhance clairvoyance. It can help reveal what is hidden or lost, bringing these issues, emotions, and traumas to the surface. It is definitely helpful to ground and protect us.

Each knot has been hand-tied reciting the mantra Om Shanti. Meaning and infusing peace for all humankind, all living and non-living beings, peace for the universe, peace for each and everything in this whole cosmic manifestation. 


Handcrafted 108 bead Mala necklaces used for meditation and chanting. 108 has long been considered a sacred number in Hindu tradition.

To use a mala, hold it in your right hand. Drape the mala between your middle and index fingers.

Starting with the guru bead (the large bead in the center of the necklace) begin counting your the beads through your thumb and index finger reciting your mantra or use it to count your asanas in sun salutations. Work through all of the beads, eventually making your way back to the guru bead.

When you reach the guru bead, pause, and take focus on your breath, this would complete 108 repetitions.

Once you reach the guru bead you can continue working back around the mala counting each bead again.

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