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Sodalite & Lapis Lazuli Stretch Bracelet

Sodalite & Lapis Lazuli Stretch Bracelet

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Wear this bracelet day and night when trying to open, or activate your throat chakra. Crystals have been infused with all the Reiki energy.

Sodalite Associated with the throat and third eye chakras. It improves contact and communication with others. Helps stabilize emotions and clarify perceptions. It can encourage peace and contentment. It unites the logical with the spiritual. Brings truth to communications and encourages honest emotions. Symbolizes self-confidence and loyalty. It is ideal for hot-tempered people.

Lapis Lazuli Associated with the throat chakra. Helps create and maintain spiritual connections. Helps you speak your truth. Can also increase psychic and intuitive awareness. It is associated with truth, balance, and justice. Promotes courage and inner strength. Provides clarity of thoughts and mind. It can aid in concentration and meditation. It symbolizes inspiration and wisdom.


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